Julia, Shane and Lily: New Home Owner Story, Part 2

In Part 1, we met Julia and Shane.

A young couple who moved to the Seattle area from Chicago with their cute and very active rescue pup, Lily.

Their plan?

To buy a home. The right home. Just for them.

As we learned, they went at it alone at first, but we both had the good fortune to meet early on in their search. Here’s how they describe our first meeting together.

Toward the end of the short video, I hope you caught Shane’s and Julia’s encouraging words of wisdom:

  1. Don’t get discouraged, it can be daunting to look for a home, especially on your own, and
  2. Once you meet the right people (meaning, the right fit for you and your loved ones), it all makes a lot of sense, and things begin to fall into place.

I’d love to see if I can help ensure that you and your loved ones have a great Buyer story as well!

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