Meet Jessica: A story of selling and buying

Maybe you’re like Jessica…or maybe you know someone like her?

We met at an Open House in June and discussed her options throughout the summer. As Jessica came to her own decision about selling her condo, she made all the decisions as I guided her through the process.

She was living in a snug, safe, and secure condo building in Capitol Hill for 13 years and had been thinking about her next move for awhile. She just wasn’t sure what approach she wanted to take.

The right questions were critical.

We needed to think about whether she planned on buying before selling. Where would she go if she sold the condo first? What did she need to do to get it ready? What type, if any, staging should she use? When is the best time to sell? What are the steps to get started? How does everthing pencil out? There were so many factors to consider.

In the end, Jessica decided to find temporary housing in the neighborhood she was considering, list her condo and sell it, then find the perfect home. Now she’s snug in West Seattle and happy to be settled.

What do you think of Jessica’s story?

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