Working Toward a Better Sale: Before & After Photos

We’re going to share a little bit about best practices in marketing a home for sale in our competitive market. As brokers, it’s our duty to present a seller’s home in the best possible light in order to deliver the best possible offers to our clients.

The best way to do this is with real images, sharing the before staging and then the staged and professionally photographed home. We’ll be sharing an exterior shot, the dining area, kitchen and a bedroom in these examples.

The “before” images on the left (shared with permission) give the details of a lived-in home, shot with our phone.

The “after” images, on the right side of the photos, share a staged presentation, shot by a professional photographer.

Here’s an example of an exterior shot. One that would serve as the main introductory image in a listing.

Take a quick look and see which, at a fast glance, would be more appealing to you.

exterior home image

Which image, do you suppose, is going to “work harder and better” for a seller in our competitive market?

A staged presentation of a house, with professional photos, generally yields better offers in the marketplace. But don’t take our word for it, review a few more examples and ask yourself which sides of each photo best market the property.

Dining Room

dining room image


kitchen image



bedroom image

If you were a buyer, which photos would appeal to you?

Which presentation would you be more likely to see in person?

We encourage each of our clients to allow us to stage and professionally shoot the property in order to compel the best offers and the best prices.

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