Staged & Sold in Arbor Heights: Before & After

We’re sharing yet another example of what professional staging and photography can do for a property in an extremely competitive market. We recently had the pleasure of listing this little beauty in one of our sweet spots: Arbor Heights, Seattle. This one was listed at $419,000 and sold for $475,000, cash.

As we share the before and after photos of each area or room, look at the difference in the following:

  • brightness & lighting
  • composition of the photo
  • tone of the photo
  • angle and frame in the room

Staging and professional photography for a property really showcase the possibility of ownership for a new buyer.

Would you be surprised to note that amateur photos with the current owner’s belongings are actually distracting? It’s difficult for a potential buyer to imagine a new life or lifestyle in a well-lived in home.

All right, let’s jump in!

The exterior & front door

A little bit of shine up and clean up to the front porch and stairs really lightened up the front of the house. Feels inviting, clean and welcoming.

The kitchen

Again, a few updates really gave this kitchen a lift. Plus, note how the angle and positioning of the kitchen shot opened up the space and gave more to look at in the “heart of the house.”

We probably don’t need to say much more, but will note just one critical word between the “before” & the “after”: Lighting!

Living room & a peek at the dining space

Wow, the new honey-colored wood floor really warms and brightens this living area. The sellers were keen to see a good return on their investment and it shows.

Even if the hardwoods hadn’t been installed, do you see how open and well-lit this room is? How the modern suggestions of furnishings to capture a buyer’s imagination?


Now, we could have changed the “before” image and resized it, but frankly, we see smaller do-it-yourself photos in MLS listings all the time. We really discourage taking your own photos, unless you’re a professional.

It’s difficult to get a real sense of the space if you look only at the small (& dark!) “before” image. Let a professional do what they do best so you can realize the full benefit and return on your overall property investment.

It was an utter delight to present this property to the busy & competitive market. We’re hoping you got a good sense of what the professional services of staging and photography can do for your property when you decide to sell.

We’re ready for you, when you’re ready.

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