Attention Home Buyers: Advice From a First Time Home Buyer Who Landed in Seatac

You’ve met Dawn, Katie & Dylan in previous videos. These 3 friends, all now snug in their new homes had radically different experiences with the rollercoaster-ride of the Greater Seattle market.

In this video, Dawn (pictured in the video on the far left side) shares more about her story. She actually made 4 offers before landing in the perfect-for-her home in quiet Seatac.

If you’re “feeling thwarted”, as Dawn recalls feeling herself, give this video a watch and know that you’re not alone, it can be really tough out there….and, as she says, “If you really want to buy a house you just have to keep looking.”

Dawn definitely shares more great suggestions and even a bit of the truths that were tough to hear, but proved true in her own experience.

Big thanks to all 3 of these good friends: Dawn, Katie and Dylan, for sharing your stories and giving insights to others navigating this rough-and-tumble Seattle real estate market right now.

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