Before & After Images: Staging Makes ALL the Difference

What is it about staging and good marketing that takes a listing to the next level? It’s not just one thing. We’d venture to say it’s a few. And we will share as you scroll through these images and see the difference for yourself.

before & after staging 1 cloud city homes

Part of staging is adding freshness to a space. Furnishings and accessories that aren’t quite as “arranged:, shall we say? That freshness also comes in the form of new paint, a bit of landscaping and clean up too.

before & after staging seattle real estate cloud city homes

Part of the beauty of staging is in the neutrality that newer furnishings and paint can bring. A home to the seller becomes a property, or even a product, to put on the real estate market. Staging takes it from someone else’s home to “potentially my home” in a buyer’s mind.

Part one of selling a home is definitely the staging. There’s an element that goes hand-in-hand with staging and that is professional photography, and possibly even video.

Review the photos yourself. A professional photographer can quickly and easily capture the essence of a staged space so that critical components such as lighting and angle selection are portrayed in a way that can show a property at it’s very best.


Look at how spacious and airy and fresh the “after” photos portray each room. If you’re going to the trouble of moving your belongings out for a professional staging job, go all the way with marketing photos that will grab your potential buyers during their onlune searches. Photos that will make them want to come in to see your property in person.

We can make the whole process really easy for you at Cloud City Homes.

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