Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal in Seattle

Your end-of-summer spruce-up checklist if you’re considering putting your house on the market …or if you just want to retain the value of your home. 

Let’s take advantage of the long summer days we have left! The following are a  few suggestions we often make during the summer selling cycle.

The exterior of your home

Power washing makes a load of difference. A good solid spray session to remove dirt and grime…as well as the dirt that looks like it may be mold…will make your house POP, especially if it’s been awhile since your neighbors power washed their homes.

Please do not power wash the roof. Instead, sweep or gently remove the moss that’s grown on your roof, and definitely clean out the gutters.

If you’ve got chipped paint, go ahead and fill that in or repaint.

Rotted wood or siding? It’s time to start replacing those too.

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint.

Wash your windows, inside and out. This task is actually a bit of a secret weapon, you’ll be amazed in how much better it looks and feels when the windows are sparkly and clear.

Let’s talk landscaping

Tidying up your yard and any landscaping will keep the house looking inviting and fresh. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “I’m selling, so I’ll just let the yard ‘go'”.

A word about fences

If you have fences or fencing and it’s not adding to the beauty of your home, we suggest you fix, replace or remove it.

Just this summer we’ve had two listings that had chain link fence around the yard. We suggested, in both cases, that it be removed in order to open up and showcase the properties to their best advantage.

If you’d like a custom walk-through of your property or some specific suggestions, we’d love to pay you a visit and share our suggestions with you.

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