What’s the Temperature on the Seattle Real Estate Seller’s Market?

It’s still a hot real estate market in the Seattle area, but it doesn’t seem as “frenzied” as it did just a few short months ago.

What’s really happening
Top dollar will be made, and there are still multiple offers being made on special houses in highly desirable neighborhoods. But not every property will yield multiple offers and there are fewer instances of $50k, or 100k, offers coming in over asking price.

We are coming off a slow Summer and into a more active Fall. We might see a push of more homes in September and October, then things will slow down again over the holidays. People are still moving to Seattle, but the Spring crush is really where lots of action hits in real estate.

When it comes to this time of year, especially in this market, sellers should really consider listening to their trusted brokers about what the market will bear for the property they’d like to sell.

Your broker should really have a solid system for pricing, including research of the current market, comparables in the neighborhood and certainly how the property itself stands apart as a value for a potential buyer.

Here at Cloud City Homes, we definitely have a solid system in place and rely on it.

Cloud City Homes Real Estate Seattle

It changes week to week
It can be impactful for a seller when the market changes temperatures, even a little bit.

It’s easy to get amped up and excited to see and hear about properties going for $20k – $100k+ over asking. To hear about 6-10 offers on one property. But that’s not every property; those are featured properties that you hear about around the office.

Sure, dream a little….then get some real data
Many sellers come up with a number they’d like to get for a property (without data or research) that the market just won’t bear for them.

So, if you’re considering putting your property up on the market, and you have a number in mind that you’d like to get, ask about comparables in the neighborhood.

Talk with us about why your property should be valued at the asking price you have in your head. Where does your property offer that value, specifically? If you just like the number, but don’t have specifics to point to, that is a recipe for disappointment.

We want to make the transaction as easy as possible for you, including pricing. So we constantly monitor the market and we’re touring homes throughout the city so we can put our best efforts forward on your behalf. We want to get you the best price the market will bear at the time you choose to list.

Let’s talk about your property together so you have good, clear information. Give us a call.


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