Staging: It Might Not Be a Radical Departure from Your Own Home Decor

Preparing a property to list isn’t always a complete re-do, staging wise.

There may be several elements that can be used to market the property. If you’ve recently had fresh paint or a few new accessories to brighten up a space, it may be more a case of “de-personalizing” a property into a marketable product.

This helps the prospective buyers of the property to better imagine themselves living in the home, rather than having a vivid image of how you live there.

Staging, after all, gives a bit of psychological distance for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, they can begin to see themselves there. For sellers, what was once “their home” begins to transition into “a property”.

It’s a subtle, but powerful distance.

That being said, it may not take much to stage a property in preparation for listing.

Note in the bedroom image below, most of the furnishings have been used in this room, but adjusted and straightened into a slightly less lived-in space.

Another bedroom image in the same listing. This room needed a bit more professional support in terms of furnishings and decor in order to show this space to its best advantage.

Your broker and their professional stager/s and photographer/s are serious allies who can transform a home into an appealing property, and then also market the hell out of it, no matter what the market is doing.

A few more Before and After photos for your review. See if you can note what’s been kept and used in staging in both the Before and the After, if anything.

We’d love to take your Seattle home to market for you!

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