Beautiful Leschi Townhome Before & After Images

A property that is marketed as a blank canvas can give a potential buyer a lot to work with, imagination-wise.

That’s not always a good thing. Sometimes a wide open space can be too much to work with.

Feeling overwhelmed with questions and uncertainty about “what will I do with this space?” is not what we want to imbue in our buyers.

We snapped a few pictures at a recent Leschi property to share the point. Above is one view of a mostly-cleared out kitchen and dining area.  The lighting is dark and the angle doesn’t really “showcase” the potential.

Below is a view, taken from in front of the window. Furnished, lit and actively demonstrating what this property could look like to a potential buyer.

Open floor plan has eat in kitchen and room to relax

Below are more along the same lines: blank canvas before images vs. furnished A-game that showcases the real potential of a property.

Dining Room has outdoor patio and huge windows

After all, buyers are busy and looking at a lot of properties. In this fast market, they also need to act fast. So, taking the time to put a property’s proverbial best foot forward, is actually a service to the prospective buyers as well as a completed picture, vs one they’ll need to color in themselves.


Electric fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere


Seating area has peek-a-boo views of the city


We’d be delighted to talk through your property if you’re considering selling your home in Seattle.

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