We are so Grateful for You, our Beautiful Friends and Clients

Each year, through all of the hustle and bustle of our lives, Thanksgiving asks us to pause and take a moment to reflect; A moment to be thankful for our families, loved ones; to be thankful for our health and talents in addition to the many wonderful events and people in our lives.

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Though, we can’t help but think of this as our lifestyle and motto [at Cloud City Homes] throughout the year. Practicing gratitude is something we aspire to consistently execute. Being thankful allows us all to store up all of the good experiences of the past. Just as the French proverb states, “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”.
Our clients are not just “customers”, they are our friends and confidants. For that, we are continually grateful and wouldn’t be where we are today, without them. We love being a part of their journey through the home buying or selling process and are grateful that we are allowed the privilege to experience this major life moment with them. Our ‘heart’s memories’ are with all of our friends this season…
Love, Sarah, Shelley, and Claire

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