Staging – Not Just For the Living Room

Let’s talk staging…one of our favorite parts of listing a home. It’s amazing how a few key pieces will transform a space to make it ho hum to absolutely magical.

When you list your home for sale, you already know that your living spaces need to look their best. But when prospective buyers are evaluating a home, the whole property has to shine. Here are some other areas that need your special attention that you may not have thought of:

Drawers and cabinets – When a buyer sees drawers overflowing or an unorganized cabinet, they may assume there is a storage problem. Try to remove as many extra items as possible and consider drawer and cabinet organizers to keep items separated and neat.

Refrigerator – Although you may be taking your fridge with you, buyers will snoop. You don’t want a crammed or messy fridge to cause buyers to turn away. Keep it clean, well-organized, and appealingly stocked.

Garage – You definitely want buyers to be wowed by the extra space available in a garage. Whether you are one to park a car in there, store camping equipment, or do woodworking, your garage should draw buyers in, not have them uncomfortable with the amount of stuff they have to see past. I recommend taking most everything out except what you need for the period you have it listed as well as giving it a good dusting and sweeping. And make sure you get rid of cobwebs!

Driveway – A clear driveway provides curb appeal. If you have extra tools, yard items, or vehicles, it can distract a buyer and not let them have that great first impression of your home.

Side Yard – Side yards can attract everything from extra pots and containers to bikes, lawnmowers, and even storm windows. Get rid of the clutter and let your side yard be the amazing bonus space it should be.

Laundry Room – It can be difficult to make piles of laundry look good, but when they are neatly folded and arranged by color, a laundry room can feel very calm and satisfying. Remember to also whittle down the detergent and cleaning options to only a few and keep the ironing board put away.

Fireplace – Whether yours is a wood-burning, pellet, or gas fireplace, it should be cleaned. Staging can be done by putting a few logs on the log carrier or, in the event the fireplace doesn’t work, some artfully-placed pillar candles can do the trick.

Utility Closet – Yes, you can even treat your utility closet to some tidying up! This is a great time to get rid of the extra brooms and mops and make sure the areas around the furnace and water heater is cleaned.

Pay attention to all these special details, have your home looking its very best from the moment the buyer drives up to the moment he or she leaves and you will be rewarded! These small details do take time, but this preparation will not only impress the buyers, but will also make it much easier when it is time to pack up your things to move. When you are ready to start prepping, we can strategize with you.

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