Buyers and Sellers appreciate my persistence, eye for aesthetics, accessibility, and work ethic that delivers results. But the thing that everyone seems to appreciate is my communication style and how I take care of my clients. I love every part of the process from meeting new people, impeccably staging a home, negotiating contracts, winning deals, and easing anxiety. I find personal joy in a job well done and completing a transaction successfully.

Most importantly, I am always looking out for my clients’ best interest and understand the objective of making a sound investment for the best reason, at the right place, and time. In this market, it’s all about delivering value and being able to take advantage of opportunities. I know how to identify these opportunities, leaving no stone unturned. I take time to listen to my client’s needs and emphasize the relationship with my clients over the transaction itself. I am competitive, forthright, and a fierce advocate for my clients, long after the transaction closes. In the end, your win is my win.

When I’m not with clients, I love spending time with my husband, our two boys, and our sweet Goldendoodle, Gilda. I am always up for an adventure and encourage my boys to do the same. We ride bicycles, paddleboard, boat, cross country ski, travel, eat, drink, and hike. I try to say yes to every opportunity, remembering that experiences are so important for a rich life. I love to research and shop for all things design and style. I am a helper, I want to be your person and hold your hand and go to bat for you. Real estate has allowed me harness all of this energy and use it for good.

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