Congratulations! You are buying a home! It doesn’t seem to matter if this is your first home purchase or your fifth, there is something magical about walking into a home and knowing it is “the one”. We look forward to this journey with you. Here is an overview of what to expect:

FullSizeRender copyInitial consultation – Our initial consultation is anything but a mundane overview of the market and what to expect. We are going to put you to work and we are going to have some fun in the process. We will look at home features, amenities such as parking, storage space, and view. We will review neighborhoods as well as take a look at your timeline and budget. If you aren’t sure about your budget just yet, no worries –  we’ll put you in touch with a lender who can help you with that.

Home search – We will scour the MLS with your list of priorities in mind, searching for those homes that either meet, or almost meet, your criteria. We will send this initial list to you with any notes we have about the listings. Then you can go in and write your own notes, remove the ones that aren’t a good fit and save the ones you do. We will determine which are worth an in-person look. As new properties come on the market, we will send these to you with my thoughts and again, we can work through the list, narrowing it down, and seeing any viable homes in-person.  We will also preview the homes on your behalf and provide you with a preview report on what we learned.

Offer – Once we find the right property to call home, we will reach out to the listing agent and learn about the seller’s priorities. This will give us an advantage when crafting the offer as we can include the seller’s priorities as we can during the offer with the goal of getting you the house. Of course, the goal is to have your needs met as well and we will help you find balance between the two. We will also review contingencies, inspection, sewer scope, etc. We will walk you through the whole offer as needed to help you feel comfortable. We do encourage my buyers to write a letter since sometimes that personal touch is what it takes for the seller to be happy about the new steward of their home.


Pending to Close – Congratulations! Your offer is accepted and now we are under contract. Although this process may seem confusing with a number of different parties (lender, title, escrow, appraisers, inspectors, etc), We will be the glue that keeps everything together and will keep our transaction on track.



Closing and Possession – Congratulations! You have signed your papers and the deed of sale has been recorded at the county level. Depending on what is outlined in your contract, you may take possession of the home and move in. We will make sure the keys get in your hands and everything is as expected at the house.

Just because the home is now yours and you have moved in doesn’t mean that my job is done. Our goal is to become your REALTOR® for life, and we promise to keep you educated about how your real estate investment is performing.