Working with Sarah was an awesome experience. It’s truly amazing how she managed to make a crazy time in our lives easy, efficient, and fun.

We found out about her through a financing agent who we had worked with for our first house. When we began inquiring about financing for our second, we were told that Sarah would be the perfect agent for us, both professionally and personally, and that was the absolute truth; we were a perfect match as clients and agent.

Sarah guided my partner and I through two major life hurdles, back-to-back: buying our second home and selling our first. We put an offer on our new home on March 26 and we received an offer for our existing home on May 17. In other words, we spent the better part of 2 months working closely with her in-person as well as via email, text, and phone calls. She made herself available to us at any hour and she excelled at laying things out for us, step by step, so that we were informed, prepared, and confident in our decison making. She offered council, both positive and negative, when needed and was sincere and honest with us the whole time, which was huge for us. My partner and I both prefer the cards face-up and we enjoy real, authentic communication and we received both, in spades, from Sarah.

She is extremely passionate about real estate and she is really, really good at her job, which is impressive enough. But honestly, the thing I liked the most about her is that she routinely made me laugh throughout our time working together and that, alone, made our relationship a success. If you can laugh and smile while buying and selling a house back-to-back, someone is doing something right. And indeed, she was. Thank you Sarah for being an awesome agent and, hopefully, our new friend.