We met Sarah Georger-Clark, of the Zack and Jodi Hill Team, at an open house in our neighborhood. After speaking with her and seeing her knowledge of the neighborhood we wanted to live in we decided to go with her for our home search. We found a house that met all of our wish list, to our amazement, by looking at the listings she regularly had sent according to our preferences. We expected to have to compromise on some things. Sarah recommended a number of banks and we ended up using one of her recommendations. She showed us the home and others as many times as we asked, worked with the sellers and the bank and us through the offer negotiations, appraisal, underwriting requests, etc. She was very responsive and accommodating and was good moral support as we went through today’s very rigorous loan approval processes. It was a nice touch that she found old pictures of the home for us. We would have wished to have her at the signing, but since this wasn’t my first home purchase that wasn’t an issue. If the rest of the team is as good, we would highly recommend this realtor.