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Top Notch Negotiation Skills Needed

Real Estate Insight

How Real Estate Negotiations is an art, not a science.


Alki Point featured by Heather Brincko

Featured photographer spotlight: Alki Point

Local photographer Heather Brincko shares what she loves about Alki Point through personal photography


Selling Your Home in Autumn

Real Estate Insight

A discussion about the benefits and special factors in listing your home in the fall.


Good Buying Decisions Take Information and Analysis

Real Estate insight

How you can be sure you follow the steps toward making a decision that is right for you.


What the New Seattle Market Could Mean for You

market info

What to expect during this market correction.


giving back

Let's help our West Seattle schools! Give a teacher what they need to succeed.


A Closer Look at Our Market’s Inventory

Market Info

The market is shifting and no one knows what the heck is going on. Buyers are scoring, sellers are pleasantly surprised (or possibly disappointed), and we are coaching to expect the unexpected.


Federal Way featured by Medena Keyian

Featured photographer spotlight: Federal Way

Medena Keyian shares how she found herself in the world of photography.


Beyond the Popcorn Ceiling: A Guide for Savvy Buyers

Real Estate Insight

Buyers tired of competing with other buyers may be eyeing fixer uppers as possible alternatives. But if scores of other buyers have bypassed these homes, should you stay away too?


What’s New in Front Doors?


Front doors are one of the key indicators of a home’s personality. But not only do they have a design purpose, today’s doors are more functional than ever.



Delridge featured by Holli Margell

Featured photographer spotlight: Delridge

Meet the woman behind Native Light Photography.