Selling Your Home in Autumn

Autumn isn’t only the time to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, soup dinners, and crunchy leaves. It’s a little known fact that it’s a great time to sell your home. Yep, when the sun is still shining and buyer are looking at all of the great things about fall, they are looking for a place to hybernate. 

A change in the seasons means opportunity for when your home is listed. Seasons provide an opportunity to connect emotionally with a potential buyer. If you are planning on listing this fall, here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your property looking fresh. Let’s start by incorporating the emotional elements:

Curb appeal is critical! A freshly-painted or clean door and entryway can really provide that additional pop and leave a lasting impression. I also recommend filling containers and/or the flower beds around the walkway with fall flowers. Keep it bright and light!

Focus on the outdoors. As the days get shorter, it can be easy to focus on the indoors, but that lessens the amount of perceived space available. Outdoor lighting can be a great way to increase this living space. Home improvement stores usually have outdoor lighting on sale or clearance this time of year and a small investment in a hard-wired system can provide quite an impact.

A change in the weather doesn’t mean outdoor living has to stop. Keep those Adirondacks and outdoor seating cleaned off, stage the firepit with fresh logs, and, as weather permits, add some color-coordinating blankets either folded up or aesthetically-draped over the chairs.

Fireplaces in the home always rate high on buyers’ want lists. If yours is a wood-burning fireplace, clean out the ashes, wash the glass, and stage with fresh logs. If yours is a gas fireplace that comes on automatically if the temperature drops, make sure this is in operation.

Lights lights lights! Keep your lights on during the day as well so your home is inviting! Also keep blinds and drapes open to provide as much natural light as possible.

Maintenance and cleaning are also very important. Here are some items to keep in mind for fall:

  • I recommend a weekly landscaping tidy-up of the yard and plant beds, removing fallen leaves and dead plants. Keep your lawn and beds clean!

  • Keep leaves and debris off your roof.

  • Change the filters in the furnace if it is time and if it smells dusty when it comes on.

  • Keep the windows clean. The sun is changing angles this time of year. Streaks and spots really stand out so get rid of them!

  • Keeping rainwater and mud out of your home is important. Put out a welcome mat that catches these before it enters your home. But you should still make sure you clean the floor on a daily basis.

There are many advantages to selling during the fall and winter months, but the key is to make your home stand out. If you are considering selling your home this year, let’s make a plan. Reach out via call or text: 206-762-0682 or send an email:

Kathleen HouseComment