What's New in Front Doors?

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Front doors are one of the key indicators of a home’s personality. But not only do they have a design purpose, today’s doors are more functional than ever. From security innovations to weather-proofing, there are so many options to consider when choosing a new door to represent your home. Here are some of the different materials options available on the market today, all of which have pros and cons:

Wood – Wood is classic and flexible in that wood doors are easier to customize than their counterparts (think glass inserts and trim designs). Wood can be stained for different types of looks and the type of wood itself can radically change the character of the door (for example, think oak versus bamboo). The challenge with wood is that over time, or if it is exposed to the weather, it can warp allowing drafts and insects to come in.

Glass – With advances in glass, doors today’s glass doors are constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are built with security in mind. Glass doors are ideal for homes that need extra light or have a modern look. Shatter-proof glass to keep your home secure, special glazing to keep the sun’s rays at bay, and argon gas insulation to keep the foyer temperature consistent with the rest of the home are all advances those who prefer glass doors appreciate. However, doors constructed other materials such as fiberglass and steel will be stronger which needs to be taken into consideration.

Vinyl and Aluminum – It is not atypical for these materials to serve as a frame for doors that are primarily glass.

Fiberglass or Composite Material – Did you know fiberglass is a chameleon of materials which can be made to look like wood or can be built with a smooth and paintable surface? Fiberglass doors are known for the durability and flexibility in terms of style. They can allow for glass cutouts, similar to wood. Fiberglass isn’t likely to warp and the door center is insulated to allow for extra weather resistance. They can also be very soundproof. Fiberglass doors can stand up to years of use.

Steel – Steel doors, sometimes also known as insulated steel doors, are becoming a very popular option due to their durability. And, according to Remodeling.com’s 2018 Cost vs. Value report, replacing a door with a steel door can cost $1,471 but the average amount recouped when time to sell was $1,344 – a 91.3% return. This is one of the higher-returning projects on this list.

All of the above can be enhanced with side lights (one or two) – a great option if you want the look of a wide door and want to let in light. There are so many design options and possibilities! If you are considering an upgrade, I would be happy to provide you with some guidance as to what is hot in today’s market.






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