My 24-Point Property Checklist

I love a checklist, a ranking, or a visual of what I should be thinking about. Especially when it means making a good decision. There are so many features that make a good investment, but it can be difficult to put your finger on what they are.

Someone wise once said that you don’t make money when you sell: you make money when buying wisely. I have compiled a list of 24 things you should consider when buying – the more items that get a positive check, the better investment you make!

1.     Property Location

2.     In-Demand Schools Nearby

3.     Shopping Nearby

4.     Area’s Economic Strength

5.     Supply and Demand of Housing in Area

6.     Large Buyer Pool for Property when Selling

7.     High-Demand Neighborhood

8.     Neighborhood Condition

9.     Neighborhood Growth

10.  Appreciation Potential

11.  Transit Nearby

12.  Major Development Coming to Area

13.  Crime Analysis

14.  Potential for Natural Disasters

15.  Financial Fit

16.  Tax Benefits

17.  Property Repair and Maintenance

18.  Number of Bedrooms

19.  Number of Bathrooms

20.  General Floorplan

21.  Kitchen Configuration and Features

22.  Flex Spaces

23.  Lot Boundaries, Borders, and Lot Size

24.  HOA

It would be unusual for a property to rank positively for all 24 of these items. In fact, we have to balance our wants and needs with the price we are willing to pay for a property as buyers, and know these factors all are taken into consideration when time to sell. It might be interesting to start by analyzing your current property. If you would like to create an honest assessment of your property related to these items, I would be happy to help.