Gratitude Turns what we Have into Enough

Welcome to my homage to friends, clients, clients that became friends and friends that will hopefully one day become clients. All of which are beautiful individuals I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with over the past number of years. People like them are what makes my little world spin.

Cloud City Homes Client Appreciation 2018-534.jpg

This year marks my 6th year in Real Estate and my 4th year with Windermere and Cloud City Homes. From the beginning, I was told to “have a focus” and manifest the type of client I wanted to work with. For me, though I love houses and am lucky to have a career that I’m good at, I wanted to be fulfilled in other ways. So I set the goal to help people I truly care about realize their dreams as I witness their joy unfold.

Nothing is better than stopping by the coffee shop and running into one of them. I love driving by their familiar face while they wait at their new bus stop, when they post on the local Mom’s Group, or happen to care for my dad in an Urgent Care Clinic. There is original art displayed in my house made by talented clients, and exercise classes I attend that they teach. Their presence in my life is woven in the day-to-day activities we share in this community.

The only bummer is saying goodbye to the friends that have left Seattle. Some have gone as far away as Australia and Morocco. Others to Texas, Idaho, and Oregon. A few just want to capitalize on their rental home and thankfully stay nearby. Its so cool to see how people navigate their future and find their own personal joy.

To share my gratitude, I hosted what is called a “Friends and Client Photo-shoot”. Every fall, friends and clients are welcome to swing by an area park to get a headshot, a photo of their dog, their kids, or whatever else they would like. This year, the talented and lovely photographers Kena James, and Lauren Kahan snapped beautiful shots that encapsulate their spirit and joy. It was absolutely wonderful.

If you are reading this, I would love to work with you too. How can I help your future unfold? How can I be a resource and share what I know about the Seattle Community? I am an open book and continuously strive to learn and connect. It’s my love language! What’s yours?