Summer Sale? Get Ready!

The warm dry months are a fantastic time to list. Between the sunny dry photos and the blooming gardens, homes show beautifully.

Summer is one of the most popular times of year to sell a home in most areas of the country. But no matter the season you sell, there are some things you should pay particular attention to for showing your home to prospective buyers. Here are some tips for having your home listed in the summer:

·       Define those outdoor spaces and make them pop. You may have a deck, patio, or seating around a fire pit. Make these outdoor rooms inviting by investing in new chair cushions and some bright flowers in containers. An outdoor rug can also liven things up. If you have outdoor lights, make sure all the light bulbs work.

·       Try to keep the temperature comfortable. Be thoughtful about keeping the home cool. If you can, keep your home under 75 degrees, even when you are not at home. This might mean opening windows or trying t keep your shades drawn when it’s vacant. You never know when potential buyers are going to come through and you want their home viewing experience to be comfortable.

·       Quell smells. Heat can cause smells to be at their worst! Stay on top of the dishes and cooking smells, take out garbage twice a day, run citrus down the garbage disposal, keep leftovers in the fridge to a minimum, make sure your pets are clean, cat litter scooped daily, and your carpets vacuumed and fresh.

·       Keep the plants freshened – indoors and out. Indoor plants can get dried out quickly during the summer, so keep them tended. For outdoor plants, water regularly and trim off the dead flowers and foliage. If you have hanging baskets and planters, watering daily is critical.

·       Keep the lawn even and trimmed. Mow twice a week when it is at peak growing season. Use trimmers or weed whackers to keep the stray blades at bay.  

·       Wasps, mosquitoes, and ants –  Insects are out in droves this time of year. Make sure you patrol your property at least a couple of times per week to be on the lookout for flare ups which can be an indication of an impending infestation.  

If you are planning on listing your home this summer, the time to prepare is now. Let’s make a plan to make your home show its best!

Sarah Georger-Clark