Your Realtor, Mom & Dad, BFF, and guy in the office that thinks he knows everything

When you are thinking of moving, it’s natural to ask around, look for advice, and hear other stories. You read all of the headlines you can. Doing your research and getting educated is essential for the process to be successful. The difference between your Real Estate Agent and everyone else is that we have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening IN THE MOMENT. Most everyone else is working off a time that is not Right Now. This is why we are so important. We have the news before everyone else. We see it first hand and report what we learn to our clients so they can jump in the game. We are your coaches, cheerleaders, and first hand reporters.

How do you make sure that YOU getting the best advice available? By working with an agent, who not only has access to the data, but will interpret the data to get you the information and answers you need. You might be getting ready to buy, sell, buy and sell, buy a vacation home, considering buying a property investment, or even thinking of buying a condo for your child to live in while they are in college. The realities of today’s market mean you need solid advice based on experience and expertise.


I’m often asked – especially when I meet a new client – what kinds of tips I have to help as they start the process of selling or buying real estate. While my overall list is long, here are three tips that I think every seller and buyer needs right now.


  1. Use me as a strategic resource. What happened even six months ago may not be realistic for right now, regardless of what you’re hearing from your family, friends and neighbors. If you are considering a move, the right professional can keep dollars in your pocket.

  2. If you’re a seller, I can show you what is realistic in today’s market. If you truly do want to sell your property, there are plenty of buyers ready to buy. But those buyers are doing their homework ahead of time. They’re ready to buy property that is priced correctly – and they’ll be very fair in their offer when they know the value is there. In today’s market, if your list price is too high, sticking to your guns does nothing more than help your listing sit on the market longer than it needs to.   

  3. If you’re a buyer, being realistic can help you get your offer accepted. Additionally, understand that in today’s market if a listing price is spot-on, making a low-ball offer can quickly backfire. There are far too many savvy buyers these days who will snap that property up – at close to full price.  


Today’s market can be complicated to understand, and even more complicated to navigate when you’re dealing with tight deadlines, banks who process files very slowly and appraisals that don’t come out as expected. Let’s talk about how I can best provide you with expertise you need as you get ready to buy or sell. Reach out!